Let’s Connect – Local Railway Artwork Projects

A collection of 3 artwork projects funded through the Department for Transport Access Fund project have recently been completed in partnership with Community Rail Lancashire, Local artists, businesses, schools colleges and Local Councils.  All artwork projects have been completed to encourage and promote use of the local rail network in addition to promoting more green, active ways of travelling.

The three stations of Accrington, Brierfield and Ramsgreave and Wilpshire were all targeted to improve access to and from the Railway Station.  Each Station has its own project name and topic and required a working relationship with a number of stakeholders.

Accrington Station – ‘Memorable Journeys’ – This project encourages young people to think about the way they travel and the more sustainable ways of travelling.

Brierfield Station – ‘Connecting Brierfield’ – This project aimed to improve the visibility of the station locally and promoting the wide range of active travel routes around the station.

Ramsgreave and Wilpshire – ‘Along the Line’ – This project highlighted the places to travel to using the Clitheroe Line.  A collection of historical memories are now expressed at the station inspiring others to use the Rail Network.

All achievements of all three station projects can be viewed on the short film below called ‘Lets Connect’ produced by Huckleberry Films.


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