OPEN CONSULTATION – Yew Tree Drive and Ramsgreave Corridor Improvements 

Consultation open from Monday 4th October 2021 for 6 weeks 

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council are seeking feedback in relation to proposed improvements to the Yew Tree Drive and Ramsgreave Drive corridor.  As a brief summary:

Reduction in speed from 50mph to 40mph to reflect the change of use from a town centre bypass to residential living. This will be enforced by the existing fixed speed cameras and through new ‘speed on green and red light cameras’, installed within the traffic signals, firstly at the new Lammack Road junction.

– Creation of a widened combined pedestrian and cycle footway along the north of Yew Tree Drive between Whinney Lane and Brownhill Roundabout, where the route connects into the Weavers Wheel. This will enhance the existing footway and provide a safe segregated off highway route for both pedestrians and cyclists to either travel to school, commute or for social use.

Replacement and upgrade of the existing signals at Lammack Road. These have been identified as ‘end of life’ in a recent asset review and they also have poor pedestrian facilities. The new signals will incorporate a ‘Toucan’ crossing which allows provision of both pedestrians and cyclists to cross.

New signal controlled crossing close to Whinney Lane Junction. Whilst it is not feasible to signalise the junction, a new ‘Toucan’ crossing close to the junction, will slow the traffic down (as they see the signals) and provide safe passage across the road for both pedestrians and cyclists

New right turn lane into the current Wainhomes Development. This will provide a safe turning pocket for cars to stack and turn into the new development.



Walking and cycling infrastructure changes and better planning will enable all road users to better share our streets and roads.  The Council now wants to hear from you to help improve areas where there is the greatest need for change and highest potential for more people to choose active travel.  To take part in the ‘Have your Say on Walking and Cycling survey’ please click on the link below.  The survey is an easy-to-use digital map based form.  If you do not have a online BwD log in, you can also choose the ‘submit anonymously’ on the front page.



Schemes to be delivered as part of the Active Travel Fund will undergo a consultation process.  Once in a position to share, our suggested improved walking and cycling routes will be uploaded to this consultation page with further guidance and information explained about the consultation process.

A copy of our published CONSULTATION PLAN is now ready to view.

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