School Streets

School streets is aimed at allowing families to travel to and from school safely by closing the road to vehicles during drop off and pick up times.  Councils will provide signs and/or barriers to be put up to stop parents and carers driving through to access the school.

By promoting a school street, parents and carers are encouraged to avoid bringing the cars to the school gates reducing congestion, improving road safety and air quality.  In turn this may then increase the number of families walking or cycling to school or parking nearby and walking the last 10 minutes, adding to their daily exercise.

Many schools suffer from congestion at the school gates due to a sudden increase in traffic, so by removing the number of vehicles directly outside the school, not only will this create a safer space and will also benefit the local community and residents who are often affected by the increase in vehicles.

A school street may start off as a trial for example removeable barriers being placed on the road with the intention of more permanent structures being installed once proved successful.

For more information on Schools Streets please visit School Streets Initiative

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