Staff ditch their cars to walk to work

Staff working in Blackburn Town Centre took part in Walk to Work Day on Friday morning.

Some staff parked their cars at Witton Park – an official park and stride venue – and walked into the Town Centre to be part of the event whilst others from both the Council and Capita walked in using their own route.

The event was organised by the Council’s Connect team, which works to promote sustainable travel in the borough.

Walking is not only a great calorie burner but it’s an opportunity to catch-up with colleagues and provides an excellent start to the day.



  • The average family spends 10% of their disposable income on fuel – that’s more than on food
  • The average commuter will spend the equivalent of five working days in slow traffic
  • 25% of all car journeys in Britain are under two miles, that’s about a 30 minute walk or 12 minute bike ride. 59% are less than 5 miles
  • If we all swapped one car journey a week for walking, car traffic levels would reduce at least 10%
  • About a third of all journeys we undertake are less than a mile. A mile is about a 20 minute walk
  • Walking burns as many calories as jogging over the same distance

Dates for your diary: Don’t forget! Free half hour lunchtime walks set off from the Town Hall steps every Tuesday and Thursday at 12.30pm. Just turn-up to join in.


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