Sustainable Transport case study – Car Share

Baskar Radha Perumal

Baskar, 36, works as a transport planner for Capita in Blackburn so can see at first hand the benefits of car sharing on the local road network.

He said: “Car sharing enables you to save money, socialise and reduce your carbon footprint, all at the same time. It also means you get to explore the area a little bit and expands your geographical knowledge.

“Being a passenger means you get to appreciate the local landscape and heritage of the area.

“It has also led to me meeting new people and making new friends in the neighbourhood where I live.

“During weekends I usually meet friends and if there is need to travel the first option I will check is for car sharing.

“In my experience occasionally there is more likely to be potential disruptions or service closures on public transport at the weekend, due to maintenance work or due to some other reason.  That is why car sharing is a great option, especially if you have got a good company!

“When I lived in Leicester I went to meet my friends in Swindon for a weekend and the person who gave me a lift there couldn’t bring me back.

“Somebody else offered, and during the conversation we both realised that we both lived in the same postcode in Leicester. We became good friends and it shows that the world is small and there are possibilities for making good friends while car sharing.”

Baskar car shares every day to and from work with his housemate.

He said: “It makes me feeling good that I am contributing to reduce carbon emissions.

“I also encourage my friends to car share and promote it whenever the opportunity arises.”

Baskar has appeared as a model and a real-life example in a new advertising campaign to promote car sharing. It is being delivered by the Council’s Connect project to help promote sustainable transport.

The campaign has been brought to life and printed onto giant bus shelter posters across the borough.

Blackburn with Darwen Council’s Connect project was set up to promote and encourage sustainable transport in the borough. It aims to help reduce congestion on the borough’s roads. It works alongside six main employers including, Royal Blackburn Hospital, Blackburn with Darwen Council, Capita, Barbara Castle Way Health Centre, Evolution Park and Blackburn College.


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