Walk ‘500 mile’ Walking Challenge


The Connecting East Lancashire (CEL) ‘Walk 500 Mile Challenge’ is a challenge for workplaces and other community/social/family groups.  The aim is to simply encourage people to become more active through walking more in their daily lives, all participants will measure the distance walked each day using either a pedometer or other tracking devices recording the number of steps on the challenge website. In teams of up to 5 people the challenge is to walk 500 miles in the month of October 2019.

You can enter the challenge in a team of up to 5 (one or more teams per organisation are allowed).

Registration to the challenge is FREE.  On registration you are given a user ID to which you will need to use when you login to register the number of steps you have done each day and to keep a track of progress.

The challenge website will motivate you throughout the challenge to keep your team walking.

Registration to the ‘Walk 500 Mile’ Challenge is now open.  CLICK HERE to view the challenge website and to register.




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