Love to Ride – Ride it Out this March 2021

Ride it out 2021


This March join Ride it Out for a fun way to get back into cycling with the arrival of spring. The warmer weather and brighter days provide the ideal opportunity to get back on your bike and enjoy all the benefits that go with it. Whether you’re completely new to riding or have 3 bikes in the garage, let’s ride this out together.


Each week there will be a new way to appreciate a bike ride and we want you to join in. Whether you want to ride every single day or just dip your toes – there’s a place for you in Ride it Out.


Ride HEALTHY – Week 1 is a chance for you to get back in the saddle and enjoy the all the health benefits of riding a bike. You’ll sleep better, live longer and smile wider – it’s scientifically proven! Even just a 10 minute bike ride will get your heart pumping more blood to your brain which can help improve problem solving, imagine what riding for longer will do.


Ride RELAXED – Week 2 is all about shifting down a gear and enjoying the ride. It’s easy to concentrate on how far or how fast but bike rides should be about quality not quantity. Taking the time to ride at your own pace, take in your surroundings and just enjoy it. You’ll also lower your stress and anxiety levels and feel more optimistic.


Ride GREEN – Week 3 is a chance to swap a regular journey for a bike ride. Not only is this great for the planet, you’ll be freeing up space, on the road and public transport, for key workers. Whether it’s grabbing groceries, switching the school run or converting your commute, Love to Ride will share their tips!


Ride FREE – Week 4 is all about adventure because staying home doesn’t have to mean being stuck. The adventure can be big or small like heading to a new place, riding at night, going off-road, cycling with a friend…there are so many possibilities, that’s why they’re called freedom machines.

There will also be some fantastic prizes on offer to give you even more reasons to enjoy the outdoors by bike! From t-shirts to holiday vouchers to a brand new bike, there are many reasons to get back in the saddle. You can take part in Ride it Out by registering for free at

Share your good vibes and bike rides via social media by sharing pictures, rides and stories using the hashtag #RideItOutTogether (prizes may also be awarded for outstanding posts!)

When you register with Love to Ride you can set goals, track distance, earn badges, share photos and stories and encourage others to ride! There’s also a range of information on everything from bike maintenance to planning a route. Registering takes just 30 seconds and is free, so join in the fun at

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