On the road to employment




Happy to share another success story, from team member Cheryl. “Was pleasantly surprised to be served by Emma who has secured full time employment at Easy Coffee in Blackburn.  I first met her when she was a participant in the 12 week programme delivered by the Prince’s Trust. I spend a day with them when they complete our mentoring course around the expectations of the workplace which is followed by their work placement. Emma wanted a placement working with horses. Although this seemed like a tall order to find a company with horses in Blackburn, but I was aware of the Step Up Farm at Brownhill who help those with learning disabilities through working with animals. He agreed to give her a placement to assist the people and animals.  As part of our Access to Work Programme I was able to give her a bus pass to travel there. When I met her again I was delighted to see her looking happy and smiling and and working full time. So very pleased for her success.”


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