Red Light Camera to reduce speeding in Blackburn

The Red Light/Excess Speed Camera on Barbara Castle Way has only three full months of data so far, but is already showing a reduction in vehicles at most speeds at this busy Blackburn junction.

From November to December, the number of vehicles at 38mph reduced by 52 per cent, 39mph reduced by 33 per cent and 40mph reduced by 31 per cent.

Between November and December there was an 18 per cent drop in speeding offences, but there is more work to be done to educate the dangers of speeding to local drivers with red light offences staying at the same level.

The average daily speeding offences have decreased each month, however the average daily red light violations are remaining steady at around two a day.

Between December and January there was a further drop of 12 per cent in speeding offences but red light offences increased very slightly.

Blackburn with Darwen’s Assistant Executive Member for Growth and Development Councillor Zainab Rawat said:

“As the camera only went live at the end of October, it is still too early to understand on the full impact this camera is having on making our roads safer. However, the initial results are positive and I hope this Red Light Camera will lead to safer driving habits in our borough. A £100 fixed penalty and points on your licence will hurt financially, but you can’t put a price on a life taken away. Slow down.”

Safer Roads Unit Manager for Lancashire Constabulary, Lara Jones, said:

“Sadly our officers have attended numerous incidents around this junction, including the fatal collision in 2016.

Unfortunately having reviewed the footage recorded recently it is clear many drivers continue to ignore the traffic signals and proceed when the lights have clearly changed to red or more often speed up in an effort to beat the red light.

This irresponsible behaviour creates an unacceptable risk for other motorists and vulnerable road users and increases their changes of being involved in a collision; the new technology will allow us to enforce this junction day and night and any motorist ignoring the traffic signals or driving above the 30mph speed limit will be prosecuted; hopefully this will act as a strong deterrent, improve driver behaviour and as a result have a positive impact on road safety.”

The aim is to ultimately cut the number of deaths and serious injuries on this stretch of road. Council bosses want to do everything possible to address this serious concern.


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